Every people eat food for living. But some times they are being sick because they do not consantrate on their food or they do not eat that food which is better for them. Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants.Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. But people must prepare at home o eat because at the home we should use the things of the food is very clean and which is better for us and our body. We must eat that food which is better for our body. we should not use that food which is harmful for us and our body.
In the reataurants there are not clean food is available at that place so that dirty food is not good for our body and for us. In restaurants or other stands people are eating food. In a present time fast food is most famous for the to eat at food stands or restarants. In the restarants there are not clean food because the cooker cook the food without cleanig. They do not care about any food because they are not thinking about the health of people. This thing is not happend at every place but maximum at the place where to eat at food stands, restaurants and in hotels also. So we should not eat food at the out of home.Because it is not better for our health. 

We must eat home sometimes ok for eat food at out of home but not everyday eating is good for our health. That food which is w are eating at home it is better because we are preparing it very carefully and cleanly so we are eat food at home everyday. If we are care for our body or health , we must eat maximum time at home food so we can care our health. At restaurants preparation of food is not good and not clean. So at home the preparation of the food is very good and clean. So we always eat clean food which is better for our body and health. Some times we can eat at out of home at any occation its ok but if everyday that can be it is harmful for the health.
Through the intake of fresh foog we always remain active bt junk food makes us dull and lazy.secondly,we concentrate wll in our studies.we remain healthy as u knw tht''health is wealth'' so without gud health we r zero.fresh food had lots of protiens,vitamins,aswl as minerals.wich r needed by our body fr growth and devpment of our body and fr repairment of damaged clls and short hme made food is superb as in it our mom love is their
U can have a good answer by adding the two