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Junk food means the fast food, road side foods, food sold on platforms, ready made food sold on very small push carts, oily chips, fryums, pakode (pakodi) etc.

Any ready made food that is not prepared at home and is made on commercial basis may be termed as junk food by the parents.  Usually junk food is attractive, perhaps cheaper and is readily available.

Junk food may not be prepared with hygienic methods.  It may use oils and flours which are perhaps not very clean and good quality.  A lot of chilli powder, spices may be mixed in these foods.  Some additives or preservatives may be added to the food for colour or flavour.

1.  Health may be spoilt because the food may contain some items which are not suitable for ones health.  Like some persons may suffer from constipation and certain flours or grams are not good for them.

2.  When people eat junk foods, they eat too much.  Or, they eat again the regular meals. So over eating also causes problems.

3. Many people may have some allergies to certain additives in the junk food.  Perhaps the food is not made in clean utensils.

4. Junk food may not be a balanced diet.  It certainly creates imbalance in the body in minerals and vitamins.

5.  Junk food may cause acidity or gastric problem or loose motions or constipation, if taken in large quantities.

6.  There may be dust or other particles in the food open to air. That will spoil the stomach and cause infection.

7.  Junk food stored for some days may be degraded or oxidized.

8. People may eat junk food without cleaning their hands. Or the food may be kept open to polluted air.  So bacteria or germs may cause harm.

9.  Eating junk food becomes an addiction. So people or children may not be able to avoid it in future.

10. There may not be a proper health or quality control done on junk food.

11. Junk food may be too hot or too cold, it may cause throat infection.  Too many sweets or chocolates etc. cause problems in teeth.
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Fast is a food  served commercially, which is attractive and affordable but in an attempt to meet taste requirements at a low price , several nutritional compromises are made.
                                   Fast food puts as at greater risk of diabetes , hypertension, heart attack , cancer , and obesity. As fast food are usually high in cerostol . sugar , sodium, addictive and preservatives , each of which has been linked to development of chronic disorders.
                                                   Many fast food further have a wide variety of chemical addictive, used to preserve , emulsify colour and enhance the products presentation . these may cause health risk. It can lead to headed tightness in the chest and  a burning sensation in the forearms and back of the neck.
            So we all must jump away junk food from our lives and should start eating healthy food if we want to grow up into healthy and fit citizens of our beloved India. 
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