life is isolate without water,

water being the essential thing of our life , 

needs to be cleaned.

clean water will not

make us fall sick.

we will stay healthy if we ,

drink germ free water ,

so we should all make the water clean 

before drinking it.

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did u write this poem?
yes......why are u asking so
I am looking for a little longer poem..a little rhythmic .
If there's one things,
that i don't like to do.
it's to drink my daily, 
supply of water
it seems so tasteless
and so bothersome to do
so i don't seem to drink it
and usually pay the price
Then i get so sick
And i'll pack on weight
And then i'll crave the sugar
That i really don't need
So,i have to go 
back to drinking water
Instead of craving sugar
That's the importance of water.