Food is essential for the survival of all living things in this world. Food plays a very important role in the life of all humans, without food we cannot live. Food provide us with nutrition which is needed for our body for the metabolic activities. If we didn't take food our body become weak and eventually we will die. It is also important to eat clean food rather than unclean food. If we consume unclean food there is lots of possibility to get diseases. There will be lots of bacterias and other parasites will present in unclean food. So we must avoid unclean food and we must have clean food. With clean food only we can built a  healthy body and thus we can become healthy. on the whole we can say that taking food is important along with taking clean food. So from having clean food let us build a clean and healthy generation
Food is essential for living beings .it plays important role .without food our body do not have the  energy .if we eat unclean food there is posssibilities of getting diseases. we should avoid eating of unclean food .please eat clean food.