Solar cooker. 

Take a hard card board.

Firstly we need to paste many layers of cardboard to all the sides and the bottom of the box.

Provide  insulation that helps in slowing down in the heat loss.

Make sure that the insulation is even in all sides of the box.

Now take the aluminium foil and paste it at the bottom of the box and paint the sides of the box in black because black colour is a good absorber of heat . 

 When the paint is dried completely in the box . Your Solar cooker is ready

Put anything like popcorn , grains in the box at the bottom it will get cooked in few minutes.

The sacrificial anode is used to protect the tank from corrosion by sacrificing itself and helps to prolong the life of the tank.
its super easy
check it on youtube
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Sorry , i forget about the mirror . A mirror should also paste in the box so that light rays(Sunlight) get reflected .
 u can do the model of an telescope 1. Using the scissors and tape, wrap the u can do a telescope box;;;; with the butcher paper so that one of the 11-by-16 inch (27.5-by-40-cm) or larger sides has a smooth covering.2. On the sheet of colored paper, use the penciland ruler to draw a refracting telescope,using the figure here for reference andlabeling these parts: (1) Light from a distantobject, (2) Objective Lens, (3) RefractedLight Ray, (4) First Image, (5) Eyepiece,(6) Second Image.3. Draw a face on the paper so that it looks likean eye is looking through the eyepiece ofthe telescope.4. Draw a crescent Moon at the end of the telescope opposite the face.transparent tape scissors white butcher paper cardboard box with at least two 11-by-16-inch (27.5-by-40-cm) sides 1 sheet of light-colored copy paper (yellow works well, but you can use any light color) pencil rule r fine-tip black marker glue stick