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Unclean places result in the spreading of diseases.may turn out to be harmful to the society,we must always keep our surroundings clean. this is the main aim of swach bharath abhiyan. sree narendra modi started this on oct 2 , which was gandhiji's birthday. this campaign aims at making india completely clean by 2019oct2., which is gandhiji's 150th birthday. this is actually a mission ,not only for the government but also for us. we indians must realize the importance of clean places and strive our best to make it the best. so freinds lets join hands together for a clean and beautiful india.
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Living in a unclean places like slum have so many harmful effects on human beings. Living in such unclean places will have a great possibility of getting diseases. In unclean places there will be so many bacteria and other harmful microorganism present, thus it will affect us and will will caught diseases. In unclean places the availability of clean water will be very less. Without clean water the people living in that area will suffer so much. They will not get clean drinking water thus will caught other diseases. They cannot take fresh air as the place is filled with bad smell and the children find it difficult to concentrate in their studies because of the smell from the waste and because of the sewage Thus there are so many harmful effect in unclean places. So it is important to us to keep our surroundings clean
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