1.Your school organised a cultural programme with the help of local artists of the city for raising funds to help an association for special children of your city.write a report about 120 words for your school magazine.


2.Your school organised a 'cleanliness week' from 10th oct-16 oct..the members of the students council cleaned and renovated the opened air theatre of the school.they swept the nearby slum area and explained the importance of health and hygiene to the people.write a report on this in about 120 words.

i written on my own.... but der might be some sry



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                               Cleanliness Week
                    A Report on activities of my favourite school
                             from  10-10-2014  to 16-10-2014
                               Member of student council
                                  My favourite school

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The student members of council have all participated in the cleanliness drive organized by our school.  On the morning of 10th October all twelve of us gathered at the school at 8 am.  We all came in our school uniform, along with our lunch boxes.  The hard task in front of us was to clean the dusty and dirty open air theatre in our school campus.  It was not cleaned for a long time.  It is used to be cleaned only for the annual function.
    The school got us garbage cans, brooms, and trays.  We all distributed in all directions in pairs.  We swept all the cement benches.  We collected a lot of polythene covers, plastic tins, cold drink bottles, and paper rolls.  It really showed the total discard that students and people have for cleanliness.  We managed to clean the entire stadium in two days.  It was not easy to go up and down the stairs.  Further, we had to get under the stairs, where a lot of garbage got accumulated over a long time.  We threw all the garbage in to the near by municipal garbage bin.  The school staff helped us in finishing that.

    Two days after we went to deva nagar  slum area, about 3 km from from our school. Really, I had never seen such a dirty place.  It was difficult to move around the slum area.  Fortunately, there was no rain in the last few days.  Otherwise, it would have been very difficult.  We all went to the people living in the slum, and explained them what we came for.  We all took our tools and split into two groups.  Each group cleaned one path at a time.  We found all types of garbage, synthetic, paper, clothes, junked and rusted metals, broken toys and so on.  There was no municipal garbage can around there.  We had to arrange to get two big garbage bins at the two ends of the slum area.  It was tougher than cleaning the auditorium in the midst of stink.

     All of us split in to pairs and had a brief talk with the individual slum dweller families.  We told them the importance of cleanliness.  We told them that they will not suffer illness if they keep their houses and surroundings clean.  We told them the dangers from mosquitoes.  We also told them the good discipline that benefits all the people.  They did not agree to our views in the beginning.  But later on, they agreed.  We told them importance of clean water and clean air for their  health.  The women showed more interest and said they would take care of cleanliness from here onwards.   Our school photographer came each day and took our photos for our school magazine.   

     Finally on the 16th we completed the entire operation.  We were happy to finish it. The slum dwellers thanked us.  Our school director shook hands with us.  We had photos taken by the local newspaper too.We returned back to our homes by the van that the school arranged for us.   Finally, I realized how difficult social service is.