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Q1. If mass of the moving body ismuch greater than the mass of the body at rest than what is the approximatevilocity of the moving body after head-on collision?
Q2. If a body of mass 2kg. is at restand is hit by a mass of 4kg. moving with 3m/s, find fraction of the momentumretained by the moving body assuming the collision to be elastic and head-on.Ans1. If n = m2/m1
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1. State the relation between commercial unit of Energy and Joules.
2. How much work done on a body of mass 1 kg whirling on a circular path of radius 5m.
3. State potential energy and its SI unit also derive it.
4 State Power and SI unit.
Answer for 4th and 1st question pls
and r u studying IX grade in CBSE