I love my clean school than unclean school because in clean school it is much easier for the students to concentrate in their studies by enjoying the fresh air from the environment. But in an unclean school it is much difficult for the students to concentrate in the studies as they will bother with the dirty smell from the school surroundings. In a clean school the possibility of getting diseases for teachers and students are much less than an unclean school. The water in an unclean school will be contaminated and thus cause so many diseases for the students, in a clean school this problem doesn't arise as the available water is clean and good as drinking water. It is important for the school to show how a students should clean and take care of their surroundings so in a clean school the students could understand how important are cleanness in the life of a human. Thus clean school surely make learning a pleasure. By cleaning our school we can make a healthy and clean future generation. So I love my clean school  
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