Hygiene is prime for healthy life;
take care of body, mind;
depression shouldn't seize you in strife;
in everything. joy, find.

be cautious doing risky jobs;
do keep your body chaste;
substance abuse will bring you sobs;
to earn, don't be in haste.

the air and water, soil have germ;
preserve immunity;
have healthy habits, be quite firm;
god cares for you amply.

keep clean your home and neighbourhood;
drink water purified;
let smiles and joys a fills childhood;
lead life that's sanctified.

do not accrue ill-gotten wealth;
excess is always bad;
improve your virtues and your health;
you will be never sad.

confess your sins to almighty;
and love your neighbours all;
the environs quite clean, must be;
break each dividing wall.

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