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Diwali is a very important festival of India. It is celebrated all over our country. Everyone loves this festival and waits for it eagerly each year. Diwali is a festival of joy for all religions and castes. This Festival is celebrated to mark victory of good over evil. Ram was the king of Ayodhya. He killed Ravan in a battle to get back his wife Seeta. He then came back to Ayodhya to become an ideal king. Diwali celebrates this victory of Ram. All the houses are cleaned for this occasion. People spend whole day decorating there rooms and shops. Colorful crackers and sweets are displayed outside shops. Everyone goes for an outing to the market in their new dresses. The houses are decorated with lights, candles, mud lamps and paper festoons. The best part comes in evenings. All the lamps and candles are lit. The whole town looks like a fairy town land. All can hear the sound of crackers being burst. People greet each other and exchange sweets. Thus Diwali brings joy and happiness to everyone . It is the favorite festival of children. But it can be spoiled if we are careless with crackers. We must enjoy this festival of lights in its true spirit. The lamps of Diwali will bring light into our lives too.
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Diwali is my favourite is because I enjoy a lot this day.diwali is the festival of lights.the reason for celebrating this is the death of na rakes ur a. This day Lord krishna along with his wife killed na ram as ur a.another reason of celebrating this is Lord ram came back to a yo d ya after 14 people celebrated his arrival by burning crackers.the main enjoyment of the festival comes in the evening. I and my family burn crackers. People start decorating their houses and shops.they exchange the sweets.people start burning crackers with a lot of enthusiasm. And enjoy a lot this day.