If our food is not clean then the most problem is first caused in our stomach or digestive system. Food needs to be hygienic if it isn't then all the germs which are present in the dirty food gets in our stomach which can be dangerous for anybody.Sometimes in hotels the kitchen is not clean or hygienic .When there is food left after the day is over they (hotels) do not make the fresh food the next day.Instead they give us the same leftover food which was prepaid the previous day.This causes us to eat stale food. Eating stale food can cause a lot of infections and our digestive system may be damaged. If we continue to eat unclean food then there would be some kind of disease and we will fall sick, extremely sick and we can even die. Mostly food is unclean because of bacteria which is present on it. We must eat clean food. Some foods are eaten raw. Some foods are cooked before being eaten.. Most fruits like mango, papaya, grapes and apple are eaten raw. Some vegetables like carrot, radish and cucumber are also eaten raw. We must wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them. Before cooking all vegetables, pulses and grains should be washed thoroughly. Cooking will further kill the germs. However, overcooking can kill the nutrients. We should preserve our food if we want it to be clean. Some methods of preservation is jamming/jellying pickling, drying, canning, refrigeration, tetra packing.
If we do not clean or not keeping in a proper place it leads to various harmful diseases because when you leave the without covering then various insects pass on it which carries various harmful thins