I think, before cleaning india by our physical activities we should firstly keep ourselves clean in a mental way. Because if we will know our duties towards our mother earth we will think before taking any step like throwing garbage here and there. also if there will be awareness in all people then they will also stop making this precious earth as a garbage place. we should make dustbins in place to place areas so that people will not throw wrappers and garbage like that anywhere. if our surroundings will be clean and neat then the danger of spreading of various types of diseases will be less. and if spreading diseases will be less then only we can help our salves to maintain good health..  by these we can we can keep our earth neat and clean..
We the people of India are the running wheels of the society and the nation as well.The nation and the society form a complex being dependent on each other.The father of our nation , Mr.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was mainly concerned about the nation and its various dynamic parts and laid emphasis on the cleanliness of the country as a whole and it shall be a pride for us to take up this goal. It very important for us to first dishonour and of course say no to discrimination so as to reach this
goal and work together it becomes very important to not litter on streets and yeas with a joint commitment establish cleanliness campaigns that help in gather more support foe efficient work. garbage bins need to installed within every 1-2 km. spreading up this news to a larger audience again is really important for this. Students and teachers together can setup up trips to take up the task of city cleaning.As society members we shall try to keep all our surrounding clean and hygienic .
cleanliness is the cure to all diseases and ignorance to this issue may be the cause of harm to various citizen.So common people lets join to get INDIA cleaned

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Before cleaning India we must always start from self that is we must start from cleaning our own house. Then we must clean up the roads, and streets and clear the drainage system. The waste materials of the hospitals should be disposed of properly. Children of the schools must wash their hands and have food. We must also throw garbage in dustbins and sanitation must be done in toilets only.
In these ways we can clean.
yes! this should help combine the points given by shivani83 too