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1.draw a line segment of your own length and name it as AB (for eg:- AB = 5)
2.construct 130 degrees angle at A using protractor.
3. draw a sector with A as center and radius less than AB/2 which cuts AC and AB at P & Q. (for eg:- radius = 2)
4. draw an arc with P as center and radius PQ.
5.draw another arc with Q as center and radius PQ which cuts the arc at D.
6.join A and D.
7. angle CAD = angle DAB = 65

2nd one is same like first but in second step take 120 degrees for getting 60 degrees instead of 130. okkk

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u have used a protractor in step 2... is it allowed by the question ??
i used it to construct 130 degrees bt nt 65.