CLEAN CITY GREEN CITY I have contributed a lot in keeping the city clean and green.i have cleaned my school and home and also encouraged my friends to do this.i have also encouraged them not to throw the garbage down and instead throw them in dustbin. If the city is green and clean then we can avoid the we need to keep our city and surroundings clean and green
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can u tell something more on this topic
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First of all we wll write an introduction to this topic that how cleanliness playes an important role in everyone's life. first of all cleanliness begans frm our home only so,we shuld keep our surrounndings clean.we shuld teach our cming generations also that how to keep our surroundings clean.and one qutation is there in hindi "kerega india thabhi to badega india".thn u wll write that wat all contributions u did in p.m. modi 's new mission swach bharat. how u wnt in colonies and gided people living ovr there to keep their surroundings clean.u picked polythyne bags and rubbish frm that vry colony and dumped the garbage in lonely place.hw by holding banars in hand u attracted peole tu join with u in mission.and aftr ur contributions u cn right and conclusion that we shuld keep our mother earth clean thn only we cn live hppy
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