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Who is to blame for the current atmosphere of crisis around the world, who is to blame for the increase of tension to fever pitch, who is to blame for taking our societies to breaking point? Rather than any nation, it is the irresponsibility of the controlled media groups, brainwashing the hearts and minds of humankind. Suppose they told the truth? So here we are again, Russia painted as an ogre, appearing in political cartoons as a menacing and dangerous bear with sharpened claws and teeth dripping blood. Here we are again with barefaced lies peddled as mistruths, half-truths peddled as the real thing, and a deceitful and cynical manipulation of facts and figures to conjure up a scenario that does not exist but which serves to create a strong image of a foe. Russia, the eternal foe, never the friend. The blood of 26 million Soviets who died fighting against Fascism in the Great Patriotic War (Second World War) of course has been forgotten, conveniently, in the west, and therefore it comes as no surprise that the self-appointed Putsch "government" in the Ukraine, is so easily and readily recognized, like some fait accompli .
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