If our India is clean, hygienic it will be a country free from diseases. Garbage attracts mosquitoes, pests, rats, and other disease carriers. They spread diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc.  These diseases are communicable diseases, so spread form one person to another. So, a cleaner India, would definitely be a healthier India.

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India is a vast country with lots of tourist attraction. But the tourist will be attracted to our beautiful places in India only when our country is free from the waste and when India is a clean and healthy one. Clean India means a India without or with less diseases. As the citizen of our country it is the duty of all Indians to keep our country clean and neat. If we keep our country clean then we can built a healthy future generation. If our country is full of waste and garbage, naturally the pests and other harmful insects as well as bacteria increases thus decrease our health. Soon this diseases spread from one person to another and slowly affect all the people living here. So now if we take small steps to make our country clean then we can build a clean and a healthy India afterward. Government are also taking necessary steps to make our India clean like swatchh bharat abhiyan. But we the citizen must first make a decision in our mind that to keep our country clean for our children and grandchildren. So if we stand together we can build a clean and a healthy India.    
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