A young girl was walking towards a shakti temple at 3km per hour. Ram crossed her on amotarcycle,at a speed that is 20 times more than her.He wanted to give lift to her,but could not dare.he travelled for 3 minutes . on reaching the temple and seeing goddess shakti,he got courage and returned.By this time the girl walked further towards the temple.he saw her but again he was not courageous.He went back to temple,got inspired and again returned.the process continued.In the final trip,he went inside the temple and prayed goddess shakti"please give me courage'. The girl, having reached the temple, said from behind,"shakti is not there in that stone.It is in you.discover it."now the question is, how much distance did ram travel in total?




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Speed of girl = 3km/h
Ram's speed = 20*3 = 60 km/h
he travelled for 3 minutes to reach the temple.
3 minutes = 3/60 hour
distance of temple = 60×(3/60) = 3 km

time taken by girl to reach temple = 3 / 3 = 1 hour
in 1 hour, Ram will travel = 60 × 1 = 60km

Note: I am assuming that Ram doesn't spend any time looking at goddess and getting inspired. He gets inspired instantaneously and returns to the girl.
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ram's speed is 20 times that of the girl's. so 20 multiplied by speed of girl
ho....ok thx..
ram's speed is 20 times more than hers. it means 63 kmph... as 20 times means 60 kmph.. but the words more than her speed.. are there... Of course this is not the main point of the question...