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Fashion is catching up in India. Fashion is to wear some clothes in a new way or to wear new type of clothing.

For many people in India, fashion is not really a hobby or necessity. But many rich people are interested in the field of fashion. Fashion is a big business now with all celebrities, businessmen and women, and sports persons supporting it. They love to wear fashion garments and new and out of the ordinary. They have their own fashion designer who makes their clothes. Most of the models follow the latest trends in fashion.

There is a separate TV channel for the fashion. They say that Paris is the center of fashion and perfumes. Often we read about fashion shows held in various cities. There is an institute that teaches and gives degrees in fashion design. It has become a lucrative career for the youth today in India.

To be a fashion designer, one needs to be creative, consistent, quick, knowing the client mentality, and likes and dislikes. They can become rich quickly too. Every big celebrity has his/her own fashion designer these days.

Fashion and models associated with fashion are not always very good. There is a film in Hindi that Priyanka Chopra acted.  It shows a story of a model.  So we need to be careful and not mad behind these fashions and modelling. 
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Todays youth are mainly attracted towards the latest trend .This latest trend which is going on in India is called fashion.Actually wht youth think about fashion is wearing torn jeans and short dresses is fashion But this is absolutely wrong.Today youth wearing short dresses and torn jeans is mainly based on this way of thinking.And if parents scold about this vulgar way of dressing they say that this is fashion.This way of foriegn dressing is spoiling our indian culture.May be this way of dressing is well and good in foreign but not in india.our youth inspite if telling this wont understand.
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