Man cuts trees for some greedy purposes . And there is a increase in the CO₂ in the atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming . which means decrease of oxygen in the atmosphere . And in this type of atmosphere man cannot able to live . They all get died due to lack of oxygen and increase in Carbon dioxide.

Also by cutting plants and trees they will not get any food and get died because of hunger.

Hence man ceases to death by global warming .
 today in world people cut trees and plants continuously without taking any stop .u also follow that ,they cut trees for feed their need but u know that when u cut a single tree then u have lost your parent.i mean that  tree is also our parent because it also protect us from sun rays by giving his large shadow , it also  protect us by giving medicinal leaves which protect us from being ill.
                                         next thing which must i want to tell you that man when cut a tree continuously then it is lead to green house effect it increase the level of co2 in atmosphere more and cause global warming . in which there is improper period of rain come and we could not get proper supply of oxygen.which lead to death of a person specially who suffer from asthma an breathing like diseseas.
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