Yes man is the main cause of global warming . He cuts trees for some greedy . And there is a increase in the CO₂ in the atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming .

Second man had creates a lot of pollution like air pollution etc by burning substances that releases harmful gases which also a cause to global warming . On the occasion of Diwali people burns lot of crackers which also cause pollution .

yes ,i agree that we ,i.e human beings are the major cause of global warming.
we are using coal as and petroleum as fuels which when used emits out carbon dioxide.
some of the major gases responsible for global warming is , sulphur monoxide , sulphur dioxide , chloroflurocarbons , carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide etc.
methane is other gas which is occuring from the soil due to agriculture.
in diwali we and sabebrat we burn crackers which also gives out gases and a large amount of heat.
so , as a fact we can say that human beings is the main cause of global warming.