cleanliness  refers  to  the  cleaning  of  dirt  from  our  body  as  well  as  from  our  heart.

we should keep ourselves neat and clean.

people usually judge us on the basis of our clothing , neatness and of course our behaviour.

we need to be clean from our heart as well because our good behaviour is solely dependent on our clean and good heart.
Everyone possesses habits of cleanliness , but some people do it better than others.

Cleanliness is also important for self respect.  

A person who wears dirty clothes or does not bath everyday and give out bad odours from their body is embarrassed to stand out or mix in a crowd.  

The person loses his respect and self confidence due to these dirty habits.

we should bath , brush our teeth , clean our hair using shampoo and also comb them  and trim our  nails everyday.

if we do so , we will not fall sick and people will also appreciate us for our neatness.

when we are clean , we our selves feel fresh and active.

so , cleanliness is very important in our life and we all should keep our selves neat and clean.
its not asked for good behaviour & clean heart
i knwo but the topic is relayed to cleanliness
To stay away from germs. to protect oneself from fatal diseases. to look clean and tidy in be free from any skin diseases.we keep our hands clean so that germs don't enter our body while is washed to prevent the growth of insects in it.