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In India, pollution is more than compared to other countries. In this case, we need to keep ourselves clean and hygienic. Hand, Hair, Body and clothes are something which we always have on ourselves. With our hands, we touch several places and work. this makes our hand to touch other substances and places. This could spread germs. We need to keep washing our hands frequently and keep them clean. Our hair, is left open most of the time. the dust and germs in the wind/air can also spread diseases and hygienic problems. To avoid such things, we need to wash our hair at least twice a week and apply oil t keep it strong and healthy. Our body, we work, walk, talk, etc do everything with our body. Our body too comes in contact with most of the things. so, we need to keep it clean too. Our clothes, are something which we wear and it covers the whole body. So, it is necessary for our clothes to be clean and fresh.This is why we keep our hands, hair, body and clothes clean.

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                this topic is totally related to cleanliness......

cleanliness  refers  to  the  cleaning  of  dirt  from  our  body  as  well  as  from  our  heart.

we should keep ourselves neat ans clean.

people usually judge us on the basis of our clothing , neatness and of course our behaviour.

we need to be clean from our heart as well because our good behaviour is solely dependent on our clean and good heart.

we should bath , brush , clean our hair and nails everyday.

if we do so , we will not fall sick and people will also appreciate us for our neatness.

when we are clean , we our selves feel fresh and active.

so , cleanliness is very important in our life and we all should keep our selves neat and clean.