Ramu is a gardener who pulls water from an underground tank of diameter 7m to irrigate his garden.If he pulls up200 buckets of total water,then water level falls down 10cm in the tank.What is the capacity of the bucket in litre?

does someone know the ans
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Volume of a bucket = capacity of the bucket = V litres

Volume of water taken out from the underground tank = 200 V litres =
           = (200 V/1000) m³  = 0.2 V  m³

Radius of underground tank = 3.5 meter
Area of cross section of tank = π 3.5² meter²
Volume of water in the height of 10 cm in the tank =  π 3.5² * 10/100 = 1.225π m³

        0.2 V = 1.225 π
          V = bucket capacity = 19.24 litres

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