We all know that make up of water is h2o
what is in watewr it kills is we dont know
we have an abundance of surface water in state
our ground water supply is what we most of us use
keeping them from well heads could be very good news
before u  dump waste
think where it will wind up and what it will spoil
water is most precious of all water resources
please join us in protecting drinking water resources

life is isolate without water,

water being the essential thing of our life , 

needs to be cleaned.

clean water will not 

make us fall sick.

can be cleaned by many ways ,

but the best way is boiling,

as it can be applied at every house.

make a habit of drinking purified water

to stay safe.

we will stay healthy if we ,

drink germ free water ,

so we should all make the water clean 

before drinking it.