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                                 CLEAN OURSELVES>Cleanliness! Cleanliness! Cleanliness! 
Cleanliness ever gives you happiness! happiness! happiness! 
For cleanliness is next to Godliness! Godliness! Godliness! 

Keep your surroundings very clean, 
Dust and tidy, wash and preen, 
Spic and span-it must seem, 
In an environment that does gleam.

Physical cleanliness is a must, 
Brush your teeth and attend to bathing; 
Clean your hair and wear clothes clean; 
Be fresh and to be clean, be keen.

Flush all evil thoughts from your mind
And gush it with love and ever be kind; 
Honesty and sincerity; goodness and cheerfulness
Implanted, will make one bounce with happiness. 
copy toh ache seh karti ho............goooooooood
abhi batati hun report karun???
achha baba nahi karungi
Agar bhai ko pasand karti ho... toh nahi karogi... report... kk
here is a poem on cleanliness

dead flies on the windowsills, the corpses now
of more than one summer, weightless but unstirred
on the third story at the top of the stairs

impossible for her to climb them down
too much tiredness. but she will still 
go there again some day, she promises.

will rest the bucket and sponge on every step
and breathe, waiting for the water to stop
sloshing in the pail and her heart to stop beating.

even if every step's an hour, a threat
of death, the attic will be clean again.
we watch. we notice the streaked tableware, the dust,

chipped things, and flecks of old food lying here, 
on this first floor, its clearly dirty windows
beyond the ladder of her eyes, while in her words,

in her thought only the lament goes on 
for the space above, that it's filling up with webs,
that it contents are waiting to be given 

or thrown away. and how much we'd give now
for the oppressive cleanliness that once
reached everyday, angrily, into the least

and darkest corners of our childhood
to show us its vigor again, that fearful
enemy we won our best days in opposing.