The other side has to be less than 17cms using triangle property sum of any two sides is  greater than the third side..
i "think" your answer is wrong....i found out that this sum should be solved by the pythagrean theorem formula
pythagrean theorem is only applicable for right angled triangles... which is not mentioned... This is the generalised answer..
ok fine.......
not fully correct. see my answer please.

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In any triangle, a side is longer than the difference between the other two.  A side is also less the the sum of the other two. If these two rules are not obeyed then a triangle cannot be formed by those sides.

a = 10 cm.   b = 7 cm.
     Then   c > 10-7 = 3 cm         and  also,   c < 10+7 = 17 cm.
                   3 cm < the third side < 17 cm