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#right for education #right to participate in all school activities without any discrimination #right yo be respected and accepted #right to be involved when decisions are taken regarding matters related to them #right to express opinions which are to be taken into account on matters affecting them #right to safeguard one's privacy #right to access age appropriate information #right to protection and care against physical,mental,sexual and drug abuse #right to get special care,education and training,taking into account individual differences #right to enjoy the maximum possible standard of health and healthy facilities #right to learn,rest and leisure #right to protection from child labour and hazardous work

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Minimum rights that a child deserves are the right to food, shelter, and care.

     When the child is more than five years, the child is entitled to education.  So they have a right to go to school and get educated at least up to 10th standard.   The government has made child labour as illegal.  Many children are rescued from bonded labour and put in hostels.  They are educated in government schools free of cost.   This facility is extended to many socially backward castes too.

    A child has right to be treated with love and care.  Child abuse is illegal and is punishable under law too.  When children commit big offences, they are pardoned and sent to boston schools.
   A child has right to be treated without any social discrimination or on economic status. The parents have to give the child minimum facilities like shelter, education, clothing, healthy environment, protection, suitable entertainment and food.  The child has a right to be provided with an environment that helps him/her develop.