We can  give some maths brain teaser , puzzles to them and make them to solve and we can show maths architects based on buildings, bridges . show some mathematical concepts that relly used in real time and also real time applications also we can show them to make interest. Basically students will attract to know the brain teser problems and solving problems. We can give riddles to them. Show tat they can learn easily and eagerly.  Some times we can show the animations tat used in mathematics, connection of mathematics with other subjects also make them interest tot learn 

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To make mathematics interesting the best thing is to make your self interesting ,you don't have to always sit beside the book to study the things all night and day you need to do maths step by steps and they are : 
1) create a strong base - you have to know the basics of the topic and them start solving simple problems and then increase your level .you can't jump to the difficult level with out learning the base as like you can't make the top floor of a building with making its base strong 
2)time - spend atleast 2 hours in it solve atleast 10 problems everyday from a topic 
3)revision - revision of concepts are very much needed for that the good way is to mark the best questions which you took time to solve and it made your brain work and don't mark the most easy ones . later every week end you can see those questions which will replenish your concept on the topic .
4)Help- take the full advantage of your teachers ,don't let  them go till they answer your questions and when they make you understabd plz be sure that you understand the topic clearly and not just shooked your head to satisfy the teacher
5)Self confidence - The most required thing ,develop your confidence level this comes only by proper solving of problems and understanding the concepts and trying different questions .

As you see you can do the sums by yourself you will automatically get interest .

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