Ah, I walk through the streets I have walked so many times, 
The walls so familiar, 
The graffiti still there! 
The gang of teenagers still warming the street lamp covered corner.
Someones music still loud.
At the corner of the next road, 
I shall find Jill has deal her son with drugs, my eyes ignore the obvious.
The childcare services dont care about the 15 year old whose alcoholic mother serves him drugs instead of beans on toast for tea.
As i walk through the town i have lived in life, 
I notice the crazyness, 
I notice the laughter, 
Closeness between the family and friends, 
The exchanged hello's.

Reading may not be the ideal town, 
But its my town.
Its my life.
This town holds my entire life.
Awarded the worst town to live in, 
I beg to differ.

As i walk through the town that holds my memories, 
I notice how we all know eachother, 
How many hellos, goodbyes and hugs i see.
I see workers sharing a cigarette, 
I see friends smiling and laughing, 
Children laughing and chasing the pigeons.

This town, holds my happiness. 
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