'भारत को स्वच्छ करने से पहले , हमें खुदको साफ़ करना होगा.'

cleanliness should always start from our own homes.

"स्वच्छता हमेशा अपने घर से सुरु करनी चाहिए."

clean india means green india

"स्वच्छता हमरे देह को सुंदरता देगी."


cleanliness will lead us to healthiness

Whatever my teacher told i have written
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1. let's be clean , let's be civilized
2.clean India is our duty and right
3.cleanliness india , beautiful India
4.cleanliness is happiness
5.let's make a right choice and use dustbin
6.India is our home let's not make it dirty
7.swachh bharat , swastha bharat
8. swachh bharat , sundar bharat

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