We should drink clean water because for good health and better life .sanitation is very important .please save water .water is precious dont waste water

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     We should drink clean water to survive in this world, to keep ourselves alive in our body.  Our body requires water for its metabolism processes that give us energy to move and do any thing.  
       If we drink impure or contaminated water, then we take in germs, bacteria, viruses, dust, harmful chemicals etc. into our body.    All these affect our body badly.  Dust and other particles collect in the kidneys and cause unbearable pain and obstruct the passage of urine.   Germs and viruses grow inside parasitically and cause serious diseases.  We will need to take a lot of antibiotics etc. to cure ourselves.
     So, we need to drink clean, and filtered water.  In fact, we need to drink water that has essential minerals in it like calcium.  With good minerals in water, our organs function properly.

     Impure water and mineral deficient water are not potable.  So we must take proper precautions. We need to find out the quality of water available to us at home and make arrangements to obtain pure, clean, and mineralized water.