school is a place where we go to be educated.

education is something which we take from school .

it is not visible but it is something without which a person is not given any importance.

education imparts knowledge.

education makes our future better.

we start going to school at a very early age.

we meet different students and teachers and also learn to interact with other people.

we have exams which makes us very tensed at first but very happy at the last when we get the good marks.

we also learn to be a disciplined person.

we have to go to school on time , have our tiffin on time and of course come back from school on time.

there are two types of schools : primary schools and secondary schools.

in primary schools , the class are generally from nursery to class 5 and in the secondary schools , the classes are usually from class 6 to class 12.

at these years , we enjoy our selves the most and there are many incidents of these years which we recall even in our old ages.


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    A School is the first learning center for all of us.  It is a new environment when we first go to, at an age of 3 or 4 years.  It is a very interesting place to be once we start liking it.  We meet so many friends who are of the same age group as we are.  We can talk so many things.  We laugh, share and grow together in school.

   School is a place having a very high respect in our tradition.  A school consists of students, teachers, a principal, and other office staff to support the educational or non teaching activities.
   Many students come there to learn sincerely.  The teachers explore and teach concepts to the students in the best possible ways.  Often a teacher takes interest in well behaving and meritorious batches and inspire them to learn better and more.
    A school also teaches discipline, moral values, knowledge related to outside world and so on.  Nowadays the schools make students do project reports, scientific models, speeches etc. to enhance their practical knowledge and skills.  The home work and assignments help students in learning more.

    A student learns the subject knowledge and other behavioural aspects to be able to go to higher education.  They also get wisdom to utilize the knowledge to the benefit of the society.  The skills learnt are useful in performing a job or research that is useful to the society.

     It is a fundamental right of a child to be sent to a school up to at least 10th standard.  Besides teaching a school must have good class room facilities with sufficient space for each student, latest teaching aids, well qualified and experienced teachers, dedicated staff, an able principal, and a socially reputed board of directors.