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The news reporter:: Mr Dr. can you tell me something about there that affects of smoking. The doctor: yes please have a seat sir. No one is as you know smoking has become one of the Vaughans Mosstree leading problems it is very harmful for held as well as it demorals is the person. The news reporter: so Sarah can you tell me how does smoking harms us. Dr: yes Know that smoking causes a direct effect on Respiratory system and it also harms many more organs in our body. Heard the news reporter: so so how does it harm Our respiratory sepystem. Doctor: the cigarette smoke contains many cancer-causing agents these agents directly enter bloodstream causing breakdown of walls of the lungs the also decreased oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin in red blood cells. News reporter: oh is that so? does that mean a smoker isn't able to breathe like a normal person? Dr: yes definitely a smoker is unable to breathe normally moreover his kidneys also affected his digestive system is also affected his colleagues and the cycle becomes slower and more many more diseases are caused and also causes mouth cancer lung cancer lung cancer. If you need more help how you can message me.
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