dear sanyukta , 
                     hope you are well by the grace of god.i received your letter yesterday in which your mentioned that you are felling very bored.i am writing an incident which will surely make you laugh a lot.

                   you already know that i am very weak in my studies.this is all about my dream which i saw yesterday.i saw that i was in the event was going on in the school.the event was actually my annual prize day.i entered the hall and sat in the chair which was laid in the corner of the hall.every was receiving prizes.suddenly i was called to go on the stage.i slowly went up to the stage and was surprised to see that the teacher was giving me a book as a soon as i was about to take the book , i heard 'get up are getting late for your schools'.this was actually was mother who is just like my morning alarm.i laughed a lot when i realized that it was just a dream and sadly went to the school which i think is the jail for all the children of this world.

                  hope that you will enjoyt reading this letter as much as i enjoyed writing it.convey my regard and also say hi to uncle and aunt.looking forward for a quick reply from you.
                                                                             your loving friend ,   
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