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     Toilets are essential to all of us in our daily lives.  Going to the toilets is what every one has to do and does every day at least once or twice.  There is nothing to feel bad about this activity or the toilets, however some people feel shy or dislike talking about them.
     Long ago toilets were very far from the living part of houses.  Nowadays, toilets are attached to bedrooms and living rooms.  Their proximity in the house make it important to clean it as good as we cleaning the kitchen.
    Keeping toilets clean is very important.  If the toilets are not clean, it becomes a breeding place for insects, and harmful germs.  These spread and can come inside the house.  They can bite the people and can cause viruses.  Further, the foul smell for the toilets is suffocating.  It is not good for health.
   One may neglect cleaning of toilets only due to laziness or ignorance.  Poor people or uneducated people do not know about sanitation principles.  They must be educated about it.
    There are cheaper and costlier ways of cleaning toilets.  One sees a lot of advertisements on television and on magazines.  There are acids, pesticide killers, antiseptic lotions etc. in the toilet cleaning liquids and powders available in the consumer market (such as lizol, harpic).  It is important to clean the toilet removing the hard stains, making it shiny white.  Even if these products are a little expensive, we must use them.  Saving a few Rupees this way, can lead to spending a lot on medicines and treatment.

toilets is a place which we need everyday.

in fact we use it more than twice in one day.

we usually use this place to clean our stomach.

we eliminate our body wastes in the form of roughage.

we also eliminate excess water in this place which we call toilet.

after some days this place becomes dirty.

we feel very disturbed because of the bad small from the toilets.

we cannot concentrate on our studies because of the bad smell coming from the toilets in our schools.

we need to clean this place to keep our selves feel good.

we should flush before and after every use .

we should not through wastes likes wrappers inside the toilet.

in this we we can make our toilets neat and clean.