Friends, there is a lot more than just playing and one of it is reading! Let me tell you a short story:-
Once, there was a poor kid . He was very sweet and never was  upset. He also was very strong. The best part is that he was interested in reading! And you know what, if you asked him any question like where is this line or on which page is it ,
He would tell in an instant. But, there was a problem, he had no money for buying books. He took them from his friends.  One day, at night he was reading in the light of the streetlight. One rich man saw him and was very inspired by that little child.
He kept the child with him and when the child grew up he became a lawyer and Alas!! He was the 16th president of the United States. Do you know who was him?
Yes! Abraham Lincoln!
So friends, there is lot of joying in reading more than playing