this is is actually universal.

blue is a colour which we see almost everyday.

we can see blue colour in the sky.

we drink water after about 3 hours which also has a colour of blue.

the earth is a planet in which we live.

this great planet is also known as the "blue planet".

it is known so because it looks like a blue ball from the space because of the water present in it.

so as a fact we can see this colour almost everyday.

honestly , my favourite colour is blue and i love to look at the blue sky for hours and hours.

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Blue is my favourite colour .  I can see blue colour everywhere . I can see blue colour in the sky , big oceans, rivers and water bodies all have blue colour . I like blue colour so much that i always used to wear blue dresses . My everything is in blue colour which i bought from market . For example =  water bottle, bag, pencil box etc. I like blue colour as it is very special and i love to see it .