Yes, plants near factory have a lot of dust on their leaves because the dust comes out of the factory will condenses on the leaves. the wastes that releases from the factory will be covered on the leaves
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      Many factors like have chemical processes in which some metals or water or other materials are heated to a very high temperature.  Some factories burn coal/coke or other substance to heat the substances.

    The top of the hot furnace is open and through a tall chimney the hot air or smoke is let out.  That smoke contains some carbon particles and white ash which fly with the high speed carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other gases to the top of the chimney.  Then they get blown by the wind in all directions.  Carbon particles do not go far away.
    The winds carry the ash up to about 1/2 km around the factory.  So the white ash particles fall on tree leaves, crops and the ground. The are harmful to the fertility of the agricultural lands.

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