In the nineteenth century the Dutch enacted the Forest Laws in Java,Indonesia restricting the villagers' access to the forest. Villagers were punished for grazing cattle, transporting wood from the forest without permit or travelling on the forest road. By 1907, under the leadership of Surontiko Samin, many villagers along with Surontiko Samin rose up to revolt against the Forest Law, a teak forest village, challenged the state ownership of the forest. He argued that, the state had not createed the wind, water, earth and wood, so it could not own it. He motivated a widespread movement. This movement was known as the SAMINISM MOVEMENT. 
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surontiko samin was the founder of the saminism movement which is an indonesian  nationalist movement.

he was born in 1859.

the name of his birth place is ploso kedhiren village.

this place is located in indonesia.

his original name was raden kohar.

he was a poor peasant farmer.

he dies around 1890.

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