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There may not be any harmful effects of e-ticketing systems directly on our ecosystem.  But the computers based on which e-ticketing works, have effects.

1. E-ticketing solution uses computer hardware.  The monitors used for display contain some harmful substances, which are not eco-friendly.  The discarded computer materials are called e-waste.  The may contain lead, cadmium etc.  SO exposure to harmful components of e-waste is not good. The mobile phones are also used for e-ticketing.  They are also part of e-waste when discarded.
  Recycling of e-waste can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

2.  Use of e-ticketing system increases the use of electronic telecommunication signals in the air.  It uses the telecommunication satellites in space.

3.  E-ticketing system uses computer print out or stationary.  Paper comes from wood pulp and hence from the trees in forests.  Thus e-ticketing causes cutting of trees.  The trees have to be regenerated using a disciplined and planned method.  

4.  I am not sure of these:
    The inks used in the printers or the toners may contain some non eco-friendly substances.  They may be prepared by use of some non eco-friendly processes.

5. These computers along with all the networking hardware, are always on.  The computers dissipate heat energy continuously.

2014-11-20T17:58:49+05:30 causes cutting down of trees 
'2.sometimes ink used in it may be non eco- friendly increases the communication