toilets is a place which we need everyday.

in fact we use it more than twice in one day.

we usually use this place to clean our stomach.

we eliminate our body wastes in the form of roughage.

we also eliminate excess water in this place which we call toilet.

after some days this place becomes dirty.

we feel very disturbed because of the bad small from the toilets.

we cannot concentrate on our studies because of the bad smell coming from the toilets in our schools.

we need to clean this place to keep our selves feel good.

we should flush before and after every use .

we should not through wastes likes wrappers inside the this we we can make our toilets neat and clean.

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i want this type of essay in 30 points pls help me

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Toilets are very useful for us . It is a place where we excrete . We usually go in toilet for three to four times  a day for excretion of waste material from the body like urine . But after two or three use it becomes dirty . It looks dirty and also smells dirty . This bad and dirty smell distract from our work . The flies roaming there also effects our health . I know that every drop of water should be saved but if you don't flush before and after use you will face some problems .  So please start keeping your toilets clean where there is no bad and dirty smells . You can also use phenyle for keeping your toilets clean.