Solve the Aptitude Ques. in PSA or Basic Reasoning .....most of them are really important basic reasoning take more time....and in Science .....Try to solve the ques. of Molecular formulae based ques.......In science Give More Preference to Chem. and Phy.

In last PSA we had  more ques. from compared to other subjects.....

So Good Luck for ur 2morrows Xam.....
Do Well...
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last time there was more questions from english ...
u r right!!!....#arnav/....2mrw is mine psa also....??..dnt know how will the paper
for improvent in maths psa u have to solve more and more tricky and mentory question as a practise ..because in maths mostly amptitude types questions were come.
and for science only the last year or 6 th &7th syllabus are asked.
                                                                                 plz mark it best
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