Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities.
It is helpful because we get knowledge and fact.
It is harmful because people use social networking sites or dating services on the internet to make friends and get companions- but, this is a dangerous proposition.

the term internet stands for international network of computers.internet is a global network where we can communicate with each other to share and receive any information.thus , the internet is a world wide communication network of computers which holds large amount of information.

helpfulness :

we can get any information in the internet.

we can send messages using e mail.

we can watch movies and also play games.

we can chat using the social networking sites.

we can buys things and this type of shopping is known as e shopping.

harmfulness ;

we can be cheated and not given the products while e-shopping.

we can receive messages from someone who is using the name of our friends to know and gain information about us.

we can be robbed , i mean our bank balance may decrease because the people may take away our money.

our computers may be hacked by the hackers with the help of internet.