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We have been celebrating Republic Day of our great country for the last 61 years. This is our 61st Republic Day. I extend you very warm greetings in this auspicious occasion.
 Our Mother Land India or Bharat is rich in colours, dresses, religions, languages, sects, races, climates and we have almost everything. As a country and as a nation it has outlived the test of time and attacks of invaders. Tremendous are the tolerance shown by the people of India all these centuries even in the face of challenges, invasions and various provacations. 
Children from their childhood should learn the importance of being kind to one another. We should have a feeling that we are all children of the Universal Father must be instilled right from their childhood. In this way the concept of Universal Brotherhood will be firmly inculcated. In our Republic India people can have different, even opposite views about religion, social structure, life, political system, and yet belong to one country, one nation that is our Bharat. On this Republic Day of India I wish that, Let war clouds recede, Let our nation overflow with peace and joy throughout.
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