toilet usually known 

as women's best place to go .

we need this place everyday ,

to clean our stomach.

we we fall sick if we store

roughage in your stomach .

it needs to be eliminated out of your body ,

to keep you healthy and active.

let us all ,

stand up together 

and keep this place of our daily use ,

neat and clean .
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Shall i compare thee to a toilrt bowl!
thou art hygeinic when thou has been bleached;
thy mouth is like a gaping water hole
where every mourn and nigt a brush has reached.

sometimes too fast thy visage hath been flushed'
and often thy porcelain veneer is stained,
and from the lips of many, things have gushed
such that thy grace the cleening is maintained.

so long as men answer nature's call,
so long thy form shall dwell just off the hall.
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