We can make our toilets clean by: 1).clean it everyday. 2).use tolet cleaners for washing. 3).make use of water flush. 4).clean the toilet floor. 5).do not dump any othe waste into your toilets. 6).do not make it dirty or filthy. 7).do not open tap unnecessarly. 8).make it a gleaming place. 9).avoid plastics from there. 10).tty to make it a healthy place.
1.Clean BEFORE it Gets Gross
cleaning it daily.
3.using a cup of water for cleaning the toilet floor regularly.
5.we must not put waste in the toilet
6.after washing clothes in the bathroom cleaning the floor not open tap unnecessarily.
8.seeing that the urine doesn't spill over the place while urinating not spit here and there
10.USE toilet cleaners while cleaning