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Water is a precious resource and we need to save it. For saving water, we need not depend upon a heavy muscular power, it can be done at home by us. By:
1) Keeping the taps tightly closed when not in use.
2) When water is used for cleaning vegetables, it can be recycled and used for watering the plants instead of throwing it off.
3) Not using showers
4) If used to bathing under shower, can go for shorter periods
5) Using low flush in toilets
6) If swimming pool is there, cover it so that it doesnt get dusty
7) Installing water meter for knowing the flow of water. 
8) Using timed sprinklers for watering lawns.
9) Rainwater harvesting
and 10th one is to drink less water... just kidding, 
10) Spreading awareness regarding the shortage of water and the ways to save it..
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we should not bath for hours and hours.

we should close the tap after every use.

we should use less water for brushing our teeth.

we should keep the taps closed while putting soap  in our hands.

we should use a bucket to wash clothes and utensils.