Shakespeare was a person who gave the world a new direction in the filed of literature and gave rise to great plays.that is why he is even relevant today
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They reflect life in any century, then and now - think about dysfunctional families, think about King Lear. Think about teenagers who imagine they're in love, think about Romeo and Juliet. Think about sneaky swine spreading gossip and ruining other people's lives, think about Othello. Think about indecisive introverted types creating havoc, think about Hamlet. Think about religious prejudice, think about " the Merchant of venice". 
The comedies are hilarious - have you ever seen any of them on stage? If not, have you watched them on DVD? They are the funniest plays I have ever seen. 
The language, and how things are expressed, how very well and cleverly they are expressed. 
By the way " give me" is rather rude. When you grow up you will learn to use phrases like " Could anyone tell me" or " Can anyone suggest" - then you will not sound so crass. Read some Shakespeare, that'll help.