A parallel plate capacitor is made of two rectangular sheets each of size 60 cm x 40 cm . the distance between the sheets is 4 mm and between them is placed an insulator plate of size 60 cm x 40 cm x 4 mm and dielectric constant 7 . How much charge is required to raise the potential of the capacitor upto 200 volt?




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Formula for parallel plate capacitance C is 
C= \frac{\epsilon A}{d}\\\\ \epsilon=K\epsilon_0=7*8.854*10^{-12}\ Farad/meter\\\\A=0.60*0.40=0.24\ meter^2,\ \ \ \ d=4mm=0.004\ meters\\\\ C=3.718\ nF\\\\ Q=charge\ on\ capacitor=VC=200*C=0.7436 MicroCoulombs\\